Wednesday, March 20, 2019


So when I was playing the video game Rainbow Six Siege I was playing a normal match and turns out it was the end of the match and what happens at the end of the match you get renown about 200 to 300 renown which is once again in game currency. So I really wanted to unlock a new character for the game (in the game they’re called operators) so I really wanted this character that was 15,000 renown and I have been wanting that character for a long time so anyways it was the end of the match and I get 200 renown and I check my money and it turns out I have 15,098 which means I have enough and it was surprising because I thought originally the character would be like 25,000 but yeah I definitely bought her and I can’t wait to use her.

Friday, March 15, 2019

What I think about Along way gone

Im liking the book I think it’s really cool for someone who has actually been in a war in Africa actually manage to survive and tell this story. It’s surprising how they would put kids to fight in the war and how they are ruthless and really don’t care about killing. Also I also like that this is a real story based of a real true story. But yeah overall I’m liking the book and yeah pretty enjoyable. So we are having book club and in pay opinion I think everyone talks for at least 2 times during book club. We rarely start arguing over things and talk over each other so I think book club is going well.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Rain and Wind

So I was in class it was currently 11:57 and all of a sudden there was a lot of rain outside and obviously since we were inside it didn’t affect us. But for a few seconds the rain sounded so scary it felt like is as if the roof of the school was going to rip off completely. The rain and wind combined sounded like a train passing by really fast but just louder. There is moments were the rain just stops and then it continues to again start. Also when the rain and wind stop the sky gets very bright and just colorful and yellow but when it starts the sky gets black and grey it just looks straight out of a scary movie.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Renown booster

So I was playing a match in rainbow six siege and basiclly the match was coming to an end. So I don’t really remember how many of us were alive but all I know is that we won that match and keep in mind it was match point which mean it was the final battle of the game. So yeah we won and that’s when I realized that a friend of mine got double xp boost and I was like yeah so that means we get more renown (currency in game).

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Slice of Life

So I was in my room and I was playing with my video game and all of a sudden in my screen i noticed that it showed a flashing icon with no battery. That’s when I thought well i better need to charge my controller. As I plugged in my cable cord to the controller I noticed it didn’t charge. Now usually it charges right away so I just waited a couple of seconds and nope nothing. So I basically just  gave up on letting it charge and yeah just realized that I needed a new plug in cord to charge my controller.

Monday, February 25, 2019

The glitch

They didn’t believe me the glitch would work. But I kept insisting. I was already at the hangar at the airport waiting for all of my friends. They joined the session and I told them the instructions on how to get the glitch to work. Sure enough they did the stuff correct correctly and came to the airport. Then it started happening money was coming in $1000 every second. We decided to leave our playstations on at night while we slept thinking we would get lots of money. In the morning we woke up to around 16million dollars. All of my friends were excited about all the things we would buy.